Mr. Andre's Class : December


“Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.” (Maria Montessori)


Dear Parents,

We cannot believe that it is December already. We wanted to say a big thank you again to all the families for the wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

To go along with our PBIS philosophy our class has been up to wonderful and positive ways of expressing themselves. In our class we have a peace table. On that table we have a vase with flowers. If any type of conflict comes up we ask the children to get the flowers in order to talk out the situation with their peers. The child holding the flowers is given the opportunity to talk while the other child listens. Once finished, the children change roles and the listener becomes the talker and the talker becomes the listener. This continues until a resolution is agreed upon, In the beginning, the teacher’s will need to be present to guide the children on how to positively express what they are feeling in order for their friends to understand. It is extremely important that all children’s feeling are heard and respected.

Host weeks will begin starting in December. If you have not followed up regarding your child’s host week, please let us know ASAP.

Also, as a reminder we do go outside daily if possible. Your child will need warm clothes (hats, gloves, snow pants, and snow boots). Please label everything with first and last names to avoid confusion and upset.

On Thursday, December 19th at 2:00 we will be celebrating the holidays. We invite you to join us in decorating our gingerbread houses as well as having a holiday sing along. Outside of the classroom we have a sign-up sheet for candy that we will need to decorate our houses. (shhh it is a surprise that Santa is coming). Between decorating and singing the event should last about an hour.

We know how busy the holiday season can be but we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to come to school over the next couple of weeks in order to celebrate the holidays. Ideas can range from reading a story, sharing a tradition, cooking, art project etc. Again, we understand this time of the year is very busy and if you choose to wait until your child’s host week that will be okay as well.

School is closed December 23-January 1. School reopens January 2. Have a great holiday and a happy and healthy new year!


Warm Regards,

Mr. Andre, Ms. Marie, Ms. Francine, Ms. Carmella