Ms. Anna's Class : April 6 - April 10

Alcott Montessori Toddlers At Home

This activity guide is for you to utilize at your best time.

Situations are changing daily and please do not feel pressure to complete or commit to all.

Things To Do       4/6 - 4/10


(good time for

toilet training)

Practice dressing and folding  pajamas

Practice buttoning using a grown-up’s shirt

Practice zippering while the coat is on a hangar

Practice putting on shoes & socks

learning left and right

Practice brushing/combing hair in front of a mirror

Food Prep

Pour milk/juice from a small pitcher into a cup

Make a sandwich: use a butter knife to practice cutting

Set the table: count the items needed for each person

Spread butter/jam/hummus on crackers

Practice brushing/combing hair in front of a mirror

Care for Environment

Put away toys where they belong

Dust shelves at their level

Make bed – pull blanket across, place pillows and lovies on top

Help clear the table (carry dirty dishes & cups with two hands, close to your body and place them on the counter)

Help match socks from the laundry and put them away in each room

(provide a basket)

Help care for plants or animals

(provide small dustpan/brush)


Choose a book to read for the week

Change your voice and tone

Ask your child to identify things in the book

 Let your child “read” you the story

Ask your child what they like/dislike about the book

Leave off the endings of the sentences – do they recall the story?

Listen to music

Ask you child who, what, where, why and how to engage in conversation



Do a jigsaw puzzle

Draw pictures to mail to family


Use some play dough


Close your eyes & listen to the sounds inside and outside


Go through the spice cabinet, have your child learn the differences


Experiment with a spicy food

Large Motor

Get outside for a walk

Get outside to play ball

Get outside to blow bubbles

Get outside to collect twigs, leaves and rocks

Get outside for a breath of fresh air