Ms. Anna's Class : October


Miss Anna’s Toddler Curriculum for Oct 28 – Nov 8, 2019   School closed Tues 11/5

Book of the Week: 


"Five Little Pumpkins" pictures by Dan Yaccarino

"My Day" by George Seide



Rice bin with magnet tubes 



Open Work Time: these activities are added to previous work and changed periodically to allow for exploration, mastery and expansion

Transferring with tongs (to strengthen hand/wrist muscles)

Matching adult/baby language cards

Cylinders of gradient depths to be sorted

Pumpkin and cookie collage art


Snack / Food Tasting: 

Pumpkin cookies for Halloween

A variety of crackers, cheese and seasonal fruit



"Falling, Falling, Falling leaves"

"Five Little Pumpkins"



Sensory Gym Wed 10/30 A “Spooky” obstacle course set up by the Occupational Therapists

Music with Ms. Jill (Tues& Thurs)

Yoga with Ms. Sallie or Ms. Emily (Friday)

Nature of Things with Miss Marissa Wed Nov 6th

Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 4th -12th 


We will celebrate Halloween in the classroom on 10/29 & 10/31.

Send your child in Halloween colors, no costumes please, 

You may send in a treat for the class which will be sent home!