Ms. Anne's Little Class 1 : January

January 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Our week started off talking about the snow and the animals that love the snow…Penguins! We learned how they stay warm, huddle! And we imitated their walk. On Wednesday we had two penguin art projects, one with Miss Eva and one as a group making “Picasso penguins.” They both look wonderful. Thursday was such a fun day. Although we didn’t have music or yoga with Dawn we were able to get outside and went sledding on the playground in laundry baskets. Everyone had so much fun!! We took turns; shared, helped each other and then we had the best orange and cheerio snack ever! Friday Miss Eva put together a penguin yoga that we all loved. We wanted to go out and do some more sledding but the snow melted and it was just too muddy.  So, let’s hope for some more snow…. which will help next week’s theme of hibernation.

Have a great weekend.

Anne, Susan, Cole, Jacqi, Eva and Joanna