Ms. Anna's Class : September 2019


Miss Anna’s Toddler Curriculum for Sep 30– Oct 11, 2019  (School closed Mon 9/30 & Tues 10/1 )


Book of the Week: To foster listening and learning rhythm, rhyme and repetition. "Down by the Bay" by Raffi  

Sensory Bin:  Shredded paper and bean bags,Rice bin 

Open Work Time: Working left to right as a pre-reading skill.

Bead stringing

Posting pegs

Ring slide

Knobbed puzzles


Dot markers & crayons 


Snack / Food Tasting:  A variety of crackers, Cheerios and fruit,


Songs: "Way Up High in the Apple Tree"


Specials: Beginning in October @ 9:15am:  Music with Ms. Jill (Tues & Thurs), Nature of Things 10/2, Yoga on Fri


We will continue to focus on building trust and establishing our routine.

Please send in your photos so we can complete our family frames and picture books. 

Thank you for all your cooperation. 


Get ready for the Fall Harvest Festival on Saturday Oct 19th at Crane Rd.!