N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  K A L T R I N A  &  M S.  D I A N E ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: February 22 - March 5, 2021


We will have a sitewide Pajama Day on Fri Feb 26th –

please send your child in some cozy PJ’s!


Dear parents,


We all enjoyed the Valentine’s Day activities and the classroom party. The students are having a great time learning about different topics and activities like Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Friendship and Kindness. We want to thank and let know how much we appreciate our class parent Mr. Kevin Chen and his son Sky Chen (Anni’s Dad and brother) for giving a virtual/ Zoom lesson on Chinese New Year. Students enjoyed and were amazed by all the interesting information about China and the Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations. We are very thankful for your time and effort.

We also discussed/ learned about friendship and kindness. We read Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, discussed the kind and friendly behaviors between the rainbow fish and his friends. We made our class rainbow fish by rolling the dice and placing a scale on the fish, then we counted all the scales, sorted them by color and at the end we compared which color we had the most, which one the least and which colors we had same. With this activity students got to learn about friendship and kindness, moving on to colors and numbers, and at the end comparing the numbers, learning the new concepts of bigger, smaller and the same.

Also, we put up our Friendship Tree, where the students each had to think of a kind behavior they usually practice in school with friends and teachers, place it on the friendship tree. Our Friendship Tree will continue to build up with more Kind Behavior Hearts.

We read the book Sour Puss and Sweetie Pie by Norton Juster. Students got to count, place in a chart, and at the end compare how many times the little girl from the book was being Sour Puss and how many times she was a Sweetie Pie. We also, read the book The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland, when students got to identify different feelings and emotions on the story and practice expressing them. At the end we finished up this lesson with a movement song about feelings “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”


As the snow piles up and the days get colder, please send your child dressed appropriately. We will be playing in the snow when the weather permits and students will need to have their winter gear (snow boots, snow pants, mittens/gloves, heat, jacket.)


All the best,

Kaltrina, Diane, Ruby and Marie


Our theme is Community Helpers / Dental Health



Roll, count and cover- tooth craft

Brush my teeth- Do a dot!

Community helpers finger puppets

Cutting and pasting


Artist of the month- Van Gogh- Starry Night


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Puzzle map of seven continents

Punching out map



Sandpaper letters – tracing on the sand tray

Reading pink series- short vowels

Letter recognition – matching upper-case lower-case letters

Practice tracing and writing of the letter of the week


Dr. Seuss books (Birthday celebration Tues Mar 2nd)

Hello, School Bus! By Marjorie Blain Parker

Fireman Small- by Wong Herbert Yee

My friend the doctor by Joanna Cole

Big Fire Engine by Parragon Publishing Books



Tens and ones with golden bead materials

Counting to 20

100 board

Counting to 10 in other languages (Spanish, Albanian and Chinese)

Addition with golden bead materials

Subtraction board


Practical Life:

Putting on mittens and gloves

Sweeping the floor

Brushing our teeth activity



Fruit groups

Game: How the food groups help me grow



Color mixing activity

Color knobbles cylinders

Geometric solids- 3d shapes