N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  K A L T R I N A  &  M S.  D I A N E ’ S  C L A S S
Issue October 18-29, 2021

Dear parents,

Wow, it is mid-October already! We had a great first 6 weeks of school and we are looking forward to more fun and exciting activities during the upcoming months. Back to School Night was a success and we would like to thank all the parents for taking the time to join our meeting.

Our Halloween Parade and Party are coming soon!


On Friday, October 29th we will have a Halloween Parade, weather permitting. The parade will be outside, and the families are welcome to attend. Please wear a mask and social distance while watching the parade. The children are invited to wear child friendly costumes for the day (no weapons and no scary costumes). The costumes should allow for the children to participate in all school activities (inside and outside) and be mindful of toileting/diapering needs. School will supply a special snack; families cannot send in goodie bags or treats for the children.


The children have been enjoying many fun and educational activities during the past few weeks. We have been talking about kindness this past month and how we can be kind and loving to each other. We have been reading books about friendship, kindness, and the importance of taking care of each other. We have been also learning about the life cycle of the pumpkin, reading books, and singing songs about the fall season and pumpkins. We also started singing and prepping songs for the Halloween Parade. In art we have been painting and learning about the “Color Wheel”.

Our theme for this upcoming two weeks is Halloween. We will continue to read different books, sing songs, learn stories, and make different arts and crafts all about Halloween; in addition, we will also have the letter of the week, the number of the week and we will continue to review and reinforce the basic classroom rules and routines.


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at:

Kaltrina: kkabashi@alcottschool.org,  Diane: dwisner-magee@alcottschool.org


We look forward to a great school year together!


Kaltrina, Diane, Marie and Ruby



Letter D cutting and pasting activity

Halloween craft


Cultural Arts/Geography: The geography Montessori materials teach the students about the world around them, people around the world, continents, landforms, planets, animals of the continents and many more engaging and interactive activities.

Land air and water

Animals of the continents


Language: The language materials in the Montessori classroom offer the child a rich oral experience. Montessori materials help students strengthen the pincer grasp in preparation for writing. Also, in the Montessori classrooms when teaching letters, our focus is on the sound of the letter, since when students learn how to read, they will first sound out the letters, blend and read the word.

Introduce the letter of the week

Introduction to Sandpaper letters a,t,m,b,f

Beginning sound cards

CVC words and objects


Math: In Montessori classrooms math is taught by working with numbers, shapes, and quantities as objects and not only as symbols. Students are introduced first to the manipulative quantity (concrete) like red and blue rods, sandpaper numbers with the objects, and the spindle box. Once the child is comfortable with the concrete materials, he/she will move the work further to the abstract- the numerals/symbols like the stamp game, the bead frame, and the operations.

Red and blue rods

Color beads 1 to 10

Spindle box

Apple tree counting activity


Practical Life: Practical life activities help the students develop their independence, eye hand coordination, social skills, fine motor skills as well as concentration.

Transferring googly eyes with a spoon

Transferring pom poms using tweezers

Push in the chair

Carrying a chair


Science: Science is an area where students can explore, experiment, compare and construct.

Living and non-living


Sensorial: The sensorial activities prepare the child for math. The foundation for geometry and algebra is introduced by the sensorial materials such as the browns stair, pink cubes, red and blue rods, knobbed and knobbless cylinders, where the students compare the different shapes and sizes, categorize, sort and place the materials in order.

Brown stairs

Red rods

Monomial cube