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N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M R S.  G R A N D E  ’ S  C L A S S

May 10 - May 19th 2021

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School Photos are on Wed May 12th

Dear Parents,


Happy Mother’s Day to all!  Your children worked very hard at creating the special gifts, cards, and survey of how well they know their mom!    

We have spent these past two weeks completing our study of butterflies. We watched our very tiny caterpillars eat, grow, and form a chrysalis. We are awaiting the cocoons to hatch into Painted Lady butterflies!  

We read books about and made our model of the solar system to hang on the bulletin board outside of our classroom.  Each child chose a planet and painted a Styrofoam model of it. They also created a background by sponge painting stars on black paper.  Please look at the pictures on our classroom corner page of the Alcott website.

Our favorite dental hygienist Ms. Joann visited Alcott.  The children enjoyed a funny video about the importance of caring for their teeth!  They all received a new toothbrush as well!!

As the weather is getting warmer, please remember to send in a weather appropriate change of clothing. We will send home the clothing we have.  For the safety reasons, please do not send the children in crocs or flip flops. 

Remember to check your child’s backpack each day! 

Eva wishes all the Mom’s and Grandmother’s a Very Happy Mother’s Day! 



Eva and Helene



Our theme is: Flowers



Artist – Claude Monet

Create our versions of:

 Water Lilies

The Truth of Nature (Bridge) Painting

Cultural Arts/Geography:

New York State – locate on the United States Map



The Statue of Liberty



Parts of a flower

Parts of a tree puzzle

How many syllables are in your name?

“Sh” sounds

Colorful flower book


Continue fractions using the triangle box

Arithmetic cube

“Secret box” containing numbers to write or addition work

Number dot to dot flowers

Practical Life:

Lock and keys

Soap grating

Make bubbles using grated soap

Open and closing a variety of containers



Experiment – Sponge Garden

How to grow a flower

How do trees help the environment?

Flower puzzle

Tree Puzzle

Life cycle of a plant sequencing



Make flowers using different geometric shape

Tallest tree boxes, stacking blocks with animal habitat pictures

Measuring with a ruler


Music with Ms Melissa

Spanish with Ms. Christina

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