Mrs. Grande's Class : April

Lesson Plan Week of April 27-  May 1, 2020

Practical Life

   Opening and Closing Activity - Different containers with different closures, such as a

   Drawstring, a zipper, or a snap.

   For coordination, concentration and hand strengthening.



   Coloring Mixing: Hands-on experience using the three primary colors red, blue and yellow to     

   Create secondary colors.

   Shape sorting



   Writing and Drawing Tray - Fill a tray with sand or cornmeal so children can practice and

   Reproduce letters or numbers while working with Sandpaper Letter or Numeral.

   Lacing cut out letters.

   For Pre-Writing and Writing Skills.



   Numbers and Counters: To make association between the numerals and the corresponding

   Quantities of the numbers 1 to 10.



   Caterpillars arrive.

   Experiment: Magic Milk. We only need milk,  food coloring and dish soap.



   Punch out Continents.



   Making a Colorful Butterfly using paint or food coloring drops.



       “ P l a y   i s   t h e   W o r k   o f   t h e   C h i l d “    -     Maria Montessori


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