N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M R S.  G R A N D E  ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: December 14 - December 22, 2020


School will be closed from Dec 22-Jan 3rd, 2021 We wish you a safe and healthy Winter break!


Dear Parents,

We hope this message finds you well. December is always a fun month, we all are getting excited about celebrating upcoming holidays with family and friends. Like everything this year, holidays celebrations will be different but is still a time to appreciate all we have. The past two weeks we have been learning about Holidays in other cultures, about the great Dutch painter Vincent von Gogh. The children reproduced the famous painting “The Starry Night “which they will bring home before the winter recess. We are having so much fun making all kinds of holiday projects and learning new songs with Ms. Melissa. We will continue to read books, to learn more sounds [w] [j] and to talk about winter (signs of winter, winter solstice, winter weather). In math we have been introducing the [+] and [=] signs. We have been experimenting mixing colors. We are trying to go outside every day. The ground can be wet and muddy, please dress your children appropriately

Wishing you and your family Happy, Peaceful Holidays Season and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Warm Regards

Eva and Helene



Our theme is: Holidays and Winter



Color mixing: making green with blue and yellow tissue paper and liquid corn starch -Memory wreath.


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Africa on the globe

Weaving a mkeke (place mat)

Make a Kinara for Kwanzaa

Antarctic animal booklet



Rhyming pictures

Rhyming stamps

Sequencing pictures: How to decorate a Christmas tree. What goes together?



Montessori Teen Board to learn the names of the quantities 11 to 19. The child composes the numbers 11 - 19 using - 9 Ten Bars and 1 Short Bead Stair.

Matching numbers on a Christmas tree


Practical Life:

Lacing boots

Jingle bells bracelets

Peeling clementines

Transferring with a funnel

Cooking activity (Yippee we can start cooking!!!!)



Talk about winter. How people get ready for winter.

What do animals do in winter?

Winter Solstice.

Learn about the difference between evergreen and the other trees.

Experiment: "Balloon blow-up" What happens when baking soda (a solid) and vinegar (a liquid) are mixed together?



Build a Christmas tree with different sizes of felt strips

Christmas tree pouncing using the triangle metal inset

Making a 3D dreidel


Books: The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming

The Magic of Christmas by Claire Freedman

The Night before Christmas by Clement C.Moore

Snowflakes Kisses and Gingerbread smiles by Toni Trent Parker

The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth

My First Kwanzaa by Karen Katz

K is for Kwanzaa by Juwanda G.Ford and Ken Wilson - Max