Mrs. Grande's Class 

Lesson Plan Week of  June 8 -  June 12, 2020

Zoom meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9:00am


Practical Life

Transferring Beads using Tweezers: Eye-Hand Coordination (presentation during Zoom meeting)

Scoop up floating objects with strainer (presentation during Zoom meeting)



Make a Puzzle with a Shape cut-out (presentation during Zoom meeting and worksheet on Google classroom)

Mystery Bag for our Stereognostic Sense (The sense by which we recognize size and solid shape)(presentation during Zoom meeting)



Letter recognition: Matching Upper case Alphabet to Lower case Alphabet (presentation during Zoom meeting and worksheet on Google classroom)

Build words using Lego pieces or Clothespins (presentation during Zoom meeting and Lego worksheet packet on Google classroom)

Sandpaper letter and objects to letter “G” “g” (presentation during Zoom meeting)

Can You See 3? Emergent Reader and worksheet(worksheet on Google classroom)



Counting Pennies (presentation during Zoom meeting)

How many Pennies in a Nickel, Dime, Quarter (presentation during Zoom meeting)

June Calendar (worksheet on Google classroom)

Montessori “100 Board” (worksheet on Google classroom)



Parts of Plant we Eat (presentation during Zoom meeting/worksheet on Google classroom)



Statue of Liberty puzzle (worksheet on Google classroom)

Asia (presentation during Zoom meeting)


Rubbing Bark of a tree and Leave (presentation during Zoom meeting)

Reminder: Moving Up Celebration on Monday, June 15th at 11:00 am. Rain date: Wednesday, June 17th at noon


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