N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M R S.  G R A N D E  ’ S  C L A S S
May 24 - June 4th 2021


Reminder - No school on Monday, May 31 as we observe Memorial Day
Save the date: Moving Up celebration Monday June 21 st at 11:15am!

Dear Parents,

We welcome back Mrs. Grande! We missed her and are happy she has returned!
These past few weeks have been very busy! We created our version of 2 Claude Monet works, and
we learned about flowers and plants.
We have butterflies! The children waited and watched in anticipation for our caterpillars to emerge.
They are incredibly beautiful and each one is unique. We observed them for a few days before we
set them free.
We planted a sponge garden using grass seeds and each child “planted” beans in a bag that is
hanging on our classroom windows! Once they sprout, they can be transplanted into your garden!
This past week we have been in a “New York state of Mind.” We have been learning fun New York
facts, emblems, and its location on the United States map. We also located where Alcott and our
towns are on the New York State map.
Eva and Helene

Our theme is: Mammals, Bugs, and Insects

Artist – George Seurat
Painting with different kinds of dots (Legos, cotton swabs)
Lady Bug craft
Dragon fly craft

Cultural Arts/Geography:
Memorial Day
United States Flag
United States Puzzle

Sounds: [Wh] and [Th]
Alphabet learning locks
My Bug book
Writing first and last names

Lady bug math game
Problem solving
Continue to learn about fractions
Learning our phone numbers

Practical Life:
Napkin folding
Dressing frames
Pencil sharpening

What is the same/different with bugs and insects?
Life cycle of a spider
Life cycle of a ladybug
Mammals – what do mammals have in common

Measuring by weight
Insect size sequencing
Mystery bag
Geometric solids and cards