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N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M R S.  G R A N D E  ’ S  C L A S S
June 7 - June 25 2021

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The last day of school is Friday June 25th


Save the date: Moving Up Celebration June 21, at 11:15 am


Dear Parents,


We are heading towards the end of a busy and unique year. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such wonderful families, dedicated parents and amazing children that brought us so much joy and laughter during such a difficult time.

We thank everyone for your support and understanding regarding the challenges of this past year. Helene and I have truly enjoyed the time we’ve spent teaching your children and to have seen them grow physically, socially, emotionally, independently and cognitively since September. Your children have touched our hearts and we are grateful that you entrusted us with them this year.


Summertime is almost here and we have an exciting month of June ahead of us! The weather is warm and inviting for outside activities. This month we are going to review and practice all that we learned during the year. This month’s theme will be “The Ocean Life” and “Under the Sea”. We will learn about different types of ocean animals, their underwater habitats and other projects related to the Ocean. Also, we will talk about different ways we can explore the ocean. Always a favorite topic and theme!


We look forward to seeing you our Moving-Up celebration on June 21st - it will be wonderful to see all of you in person and gather as a community as we see our children complete this milestone. As we close the year, it will be with sadness that we say goodbye, it has truly been such a pleasure. We wish you a safe, fun and relaxed summer! 



Eva and Helene



Our theme is: The Ocean Life


Ocean Creatures negative mono print

Flower sponge painting

Bark rubbing

Landscapes drawing

Painting rocks


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Booklet about the seven continents

Japan, the home of the Summer Olympic

The art of origami

Masai collar necklace

How many oceans are there?



Observing plants, animals, birds, insects, in our playground and make a journal

“I spy” games

Journal about the Ocean

Some children can read aloud easy phonetic books to their friends

Make a list of things that trees provide us

We are going to celebrate Eric Carle



Count shells, rocks, sticks, etc. and associate with written numerals

Make our own number games

Blue and red rod

June calendar


Practical Life:

Practicing “Grace and Courtesy “

Washing shells


Scrubbing and washing our tables and chairs

Dusting our shelves




Floor puzzle “Under the Sea “

The gifts of a tree

Eco - Experiment: some things are “biodegradable” (they eventually break down and go back to the Earth) and some aren’t

Above ground/Below ground vegetable classification



Make our own sound cylinders using different kind of seeds

Finding objects in our classroom and in our playground to make our own mystery bag

Red rods

Make solid shapes using small wooden sticks and playdough


Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home!

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