Mrs. Grande's Class : May

Lesson Plan Week of May 25 -  May 29, 2020

Practical Life

Clothespin Activity: Clip clothespins to the edge of a basket/bowl



Mystery Bag Activity: It’s a drawstring bag with different shapes inside. The child reaches inside the Mystery Bag to identify the shapes by using their sense of touch.



Hunt and Write: Place letters in a container with rice or sand. The child searches, finds the letters and writes them down on a sheet of paper

Sandpaper letters and objects (Aa, Mm)

Ann and Can Emergent Reader with worksheet



Teen Numbers with Beads

Cotton swab Number Tracing: This activity teaches children that numbers or letters does not always require a pencil. For this activity your child will need a piece of paper with imprint numbers, cotton swabs and paint.



Sink or Float Activity: Your child will need a water tank, water pitcher, two small containers labeled with the words “sink’ “float” and an assortment of objects.

Sink and Float worksheet

Planting herbs:Child needs an egg carton, watering can or spray bottle, dirt and seeds.



Europe on the globe



Bubble wrap painting


Check Back Weekly!


                             RIBBON RAINBOW PROJECT

You’re invited to add a Ribbon to Our Rainbow Ribbon Project. It will on the front playground fence. It’s a sign of hope and that we’re all connected. There will be pre-cut satin ribbon in a clear box by the front door of Alcott school