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N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M R S.  G R A N D E  ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: November 30 - December 11, 2020

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Dear Parents,

We are so grateful to be back in the classroom. It’s such a great feeling to see them working, smiling and laughing with their friends. Thank you to all moms, daddies, grandmas and babysitters for your participation, support and positive feedback during this short time of remote learning.

We know this is a very difficult time and we promise to help your children not just learn, but to keep them safe by practicing social distancing and healthy habits.

Please make sure that your child has spare clothes at school and if you think it’s time to update them, please send a new set of winter clothes. Please make sure your child brings a sweatshirt to keep in school in case they get cold since our windows are going to stay open even in cold weather. It was a pleasure to talk to you during the Zoom conferences and having the chance to talk about your children and to get to know you a little more.


Eva Grande and Helene Wiener


Our theme is: Winter Season - Holidays


Art: Vincent Van Gogh: Starry Night. - Dreidel sponge painting - Stained glass dreidel -


Cultural Arts/Geography: Antarctica on the globe - Antarctica punch out - Animals in Antarctica -December Holidays - Discussing Holidays around the world - Talk about Hanukkah and light up the candles on the Menorah - Make our own Menorah.


Language: Sound of the week [h] - Holiday booklet - Sequence story “How to make latkes “- Introduce the Montessori Movable Alphabet

Books: ABC HANUKKAH HUNT by Tilda Balsley

Happy Hanukkah, Curious George by Emily Flaschener Meyer

Latkes and Applesauce by Fran Manushkin

In the Garden with Van Gogh by Julie Merberg and Susanne Bober


Math: December calendar - Bead Stair with number symbols - Learning the names of the quantities 11 to 19 using 9 ten bars and a Bead Stair - Introduction to addition [+] and equal [=] signs


Sensorial: Constructive Triangles Box: Mixing, paring triangles to make more triangles - Sorting objects by size (big, medium, small) - Knobless Cylinders.


Science: Magnetic not magnetic objects - Exp.: Milk Rainbow using milk, dish soap and food coloring (The dish soap causes the fat and the water in the milk to separate and spread apart. The result is the dancing motion of the food coloring in the milk. - Talk about the” soon” changing of the season.


Practical life: Lacing dreidels - How to use a hole puncher - Clip clothespins



Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home!

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