Mrs. Grande's Class : December 2019


Mrs. Grande’s Curriculum Schedule for December 2nd - 13th, 2019

Practical Life:

Cereal with milk

Transferring using pitchers without handles

Pairing gloves

How to use the hole puncher

Napkin rolling

Dreidel lacing



Smelling bottles (peppermint, vanilla, lemon)

Constructive Triangle Box (mixing, pairing triangles)

Binomial Cube

Small/medium/large objects



Rhyming objects

Holiday sequence story

Sound of the week [H h]

Stepboard /trace three letter phonetic words

Things that go together (matching two piece puzzle)



Stepboard (finding missing numbers)

Measuring by inches

Practicing writing the numbers using sandpaper numbers and a board without lines



Magnetic/non- magnetic

Talk about solids/liquids/gases

Experiment: Balloon blow-up “What’s happening when baking soda (a solid) and vinegar (a liquid) get together?


Cultural Arts/Geography:

North America wooden puzzle

December Holidays

Land/water/air with objects


Animals from Antarctica


Mix yellow and blue and make green

Matisse Dance for Joy by Susan Goldman Rubin - Matisse Collage

Holiday projects


Yoga with Miss Sallie

Music with Miss Jill

Art with Ms. Patel

Nature with Ms. Marissa

Gingerbread House construction 12/4

Decorate our gingerbread houses 12/6

Pajama day 12/12