Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

 April 13 - April 16


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Practical Life                                                                                                                       Sensorial

Our Virtual Class Rules*We arrive dressed, fed and ready to work!*                  Geometric Solids-Ovoid, Triangular Prism,

We raise our hand and wait our turn to talk*If we have a question we                Rectangular Prism

can ask a grownup to type it in Chat                                                                        Extension on The Silence Game Yoga Edition

Language                                                                                                                             Math

Beginning Sound “Ww”                                                                                               Hundred Board Work

Story of the Day                                                                                                            Zero to Ten Activities



Monitor our Caterpillars

Discuss Life Cycle of a Caterpillar                                                                            Online

Global                                                                                                                             Google Classroom and Alcott Classroom Corners

Land & Water                                                                                                                  (look at Ms. Anna’s 4/6 plan & ours)

The Continent Song

Our Zoom sessions have been going 30 to 40 minutes.  That is a very long time for many of our younger classmates.  Twenty minutes may be all that your child can handle at one time.  When at school the teachers can gauge the climate and split our time into morning circle and closing circle with work sessions in between.  Some children can leave circle and engage in quiet work for 10 to 20 minutes.  Some children need to do Kinesthetic work after sitting at circle.  Vive la différence!   It’s ALL good.  Personally I had both types of learner.  My older daughter would practice her spelling words doing jumping jacks.  She went on to get high scores on Reading and a perfect score on the Writing portion of the SAT.  My younger daughter was more of a quiet learner. Her high IQ coupled with learning disabilities presented different challenges. She went on to the deans list, graduating with high honors from her college. Our Room 300 children... the quiet ones, the loud ones, the impulsive ones and the contemplative ones... will emerge from this quarantine period practically perfect and ready for their next phase of education. 


At this time let’s give ourselves grace.  Grace to make mistakes as we try new methods with our children. Grace for our children as we embrace their uniqueness.  That special quirk of theirs may be the characteristic that helps them change the world for good!  Let’s hone and refine it so that it works to their benefit and does not hamper their future success.  Let’s find controlled ways to give our kinesthetic children opportunities to learn as they move.  The class had Table Washing lessons at school.  When the weather warms, let the kinesthetic child use that skill to wash patio tables and chairs outdoors. Provide water pouring activities from one container to the other.  As time, space and conditions allow you might consider placing the child’s breakfast supplies (food, plates and cutlery) at child level so that they can self-service. Remember: Children are Capable and Competent!   They can do more than we give them credit for.  There will be spills, breakage and mistakes, but we can prepare the environment to minimize the negative and maximize the child’s success! Remember to keep your comments coming to us so that we can continue to make our virtual learning experience helpful!


Mrs. Hreyo and Mrs. Pascal