Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

 April 20 - April 23


Check Back Weekly!

Bakers dozen of developmentally appropriate activities for the children this week


  1. Cut the grass with their scissors.  (Gauge their proficiency first so that they don’t snip little fingers.  Remember- Thumbs Up For Good Cutting!)

  2. Provide the child with a bucket of warm water and a paintbrush.  Have them “paint” a shed, fence, sidewalk or house .

  3. Give toys a bath.  This could be an inside or outside activity.

  4. Turn a box into a car, spaceship, playhouse or blocks.

  5. With siblings, write and produce a play for the family.

  6. Put on a dance show.

  7. Make a tiny toy parade.  The toys can be sequenced by size, color, or in a simple pattern.

  8. Send a letter or picture to Grandparents.  No trip to post office required. Leave stamped letter in your mailbox for mailman to pick up. 

  9. Make a fort blanket.

  10. Play bowling with plastic cups and a ball.

  11. In addition, they can help you with some of the extra work we have.  After a grownup has sanitized the incoming groceries, the child can help you to dry the items. They can even give the items a second “wash” after a grownup has performed the real cleanse.

  12. Our children are excellent at table washing and can “help” the family by doing a secondary table wash after grocery bags and boxes have been cleaned up after by an adult.

  13. With Earth day being celebrated this Wednesday, have the child help plant flowers or grass.  Have them fill a watering can from the hose and water the newly planted seeds daily or as needed.


Practical Life:
#s 2,3,11, & 12 above are all good options. Helping to set the dinner table, sorting and folding laundry, cooking and helping to set out and wash down outdoor furniture are great choices too.


# 7 Sorting by size and or color


Syllable Work

Spring language beginning sounds


Practice rote counting up to 30 - a breeze for some, a challenge for some (teens and transitions to new decade)

Practice one to one correspondence by making a collection of 20 to 30 small objects.


Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd.

Planting seeds

Monitor our Chrysalises

Discuss what our future butterflies 🦋 will eat

Parts of a plant 🌱 - We may begin our plant talk and continue this theme into the next week


Have one child share an item from their culture each day. As an example, if my sister-in-law were to do this with the pysanky that I showed the children on Monday’s zoom, she could display it and say 1. This  pysanka is an Easter egg from Ukraine 2. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. 3. Pysanka is designed or decorated using wax and colored dyes. One or two more statements could be added about the object.  Children in the zoom audience can raise their hands and ask one question about the country or item.

Another option is to show a flag (real, printed or colored by the child) from your country and use that as a talking point. Or come dressed in a traditional outfit to the zoom class.  Choices!