Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

 May 4 - May 8


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             Zoom Room 300



Mother’s Day Gift

Practical Life:
Have the child water their plant. Let the child

check the soil to see if it’s too

dry or too wet first.

Use meat basters to transfer water from one container to another

Yoga (see Alcott website)


Grade stones by size

Foot soak


“Fr” sound blend

Scribble Stones

Fran, Frank and the French Toast


Bead bar work (Counting/Teens/Tens) differentiated for each child

Fractions are on the back burner. 


Free our butterflies

Parts of a butterfly book

Parts of a plant


One child shares an item/artifact from their culture. One or two statements

are made about the artifact.  Children in the zoom audience can raise their

hands and ask one question about the country or item.

Another option is to show a flag (real, printed or colored by the child) from

your country and use that as a talking point.

You could also arrive dressed in a traditional outfit to the zoom class.