Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

June 8 - June 12


Check Back Weekly!

Zoom meeting with the entire class on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:30 am until approximately 10 am. Children who have are on the younger side of the spectrum may have a smaller attention span. Please feel free to exit the large group zoom after fifteen minutes or twenty minutes if that is best for you child. This week we will schedule and try out a separate read-aloud session Thursday at 11:30 for a reading of a funny story! Come with a snack or an early lunch. 

Practical Life:

Our Favorite Class recipes: We made chicken soup with rice and sang the Carol King version of the Maurice Sendak book, Chicken Soup with Rice (on Google Classroom ). When we were in class.  This was part of our Peace curriculum and grew out of reading the book, Everybody Serves Soup.  The story introduces different friends from varying cultures and talks about the soup that they eat. Recipes are included.  Perhaps you and your child will make a chicken soup or perhaps with the humidity and warmer weather you’ll enjoy Mrs. Max’s Beet and Cabbage Soup served cold.  Everybody Cooks Rice, Everybody Bakes Bread and Everybody Brings Noodles are other books in this series providing opportunities to talk about our similarities and diversities.

Beach / Ocean Yoga (on Google classroom)


Journal Writing

Animal Vocabulary (on Google Classroom)

Letter Tracing (on Google Classroom)

Letter Ii work

Plant a Tree and Grow a Home poem

*This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne- Thursday @11:30 Read Aloud on Zoom. We will also post on Google Classroom a reading of Everybody Serves Soup

Just Because I Am by Lauren Murphy Payne, M.S.W.- Tuesday

Before We Eat (from Farm to Table) by Pat Brisson- Wednesday

The Skin On My Chin by Michelle Chalmers- Thursday

Math: on Google classroom

Farm Math

Science: on Google classroom

Types of Trees three part cards

Animal Matching

Plant Parts Review

Oceans and Octopus template

Cultural Arts/Geography:

The Year at Maple Hill Farm -Continuing through June, July, and Aug. on the farm.

Cultural Sharing can occur any time a child wishes to bring something of cultural meaning to class. For times sake we will limit presentations to two per day with any overflow being done on a subsequent day if needed.

Calendar Work (on Google Classroom)

Art: on Google classroom

Farm Picture

The Snail

Find the Hidden Birds

Parent Resource: on Google Classroom

All About Me - Use this to tell your child’s new kindergarten teacher about them.