Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

 May 11 - May 15


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Theme:  Plants and Butterflies


Practical Life:

Our favorite Class recipes: This week we will be posting

our Aggression Cookie Recipe. This Room 300 favorite

came by way of Jean Harris, a wonderful pre-school

teacher and Teacher Educator from Sarah Lawrence College

Your child will be measuring, mixing pounding and

manipulating the mix as you bake this easy to follow recipe.


Rectangular Prism-This week the children can bring rectangular

prisms that they discover around and about their home to share

in our large group class. Visual discrimination and identification

of geometric solids within the environment will be enhanced.


Sound of the Week “Sc” blends

Family Name Recognition

Scribble Stones

It Looked Like Spilt Milk and then it’s spring


Bead Stair work

Number Rod Counting

Number Rod Addition


Parts of a Butterfly Booklet

Parts of a Flower

Cultural Arts/Geography:

CoVid19  2020 Time Capsule

Cultural Sharing (Tuesday Ellie, Wednesday Olivia J., Thursday Olivia B.)


It Looked Like Spilt Milk art


On the Alcott website Señora Christina, the Crane Road Spanish teacher has lessons posted. What a great resource if you are interested in exposing your child to a second language.

Art, Yoga, Kid’s Cookery, Music with Miss Jill (our Dobbs music teacher) and Music with Ms. Kim (the Crane Rd. music teacher) are ALL available to you with just a click! The Nature of Things, a visiting animal program is available if you enter password 2tjimlu after you hit join class on a non-Alcott Google domain. (In other words, a separate Google account from the newest one that i just sent out on Thursday).