Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

June 1 - June 5


Check Back Weekly!

Zoom meetings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:30 (whole class)

2 Small groups of 2 children zoom meetings on Monday and Friday at 9:00 and 10:00


Practical Life: (Pouring and Squeezing via making lemonade)

Our Favorite Class recipes:  The children enjoyed making lemonade in the classroom. Adults prepared pre-washed and sliced lemons, a small pitcher of water, minimal sugar with a spoon for measuring. The children operated a manual juicer (there are various versions) and squeezed out all of the juice from the lemon. This is easier for some and provides great hand strengthening work. They then poured their squeezed juice into a glass and added water, sugar and stirred well. Most children enjoyed drinking this self-made sour beverage.


Make your own paper 3D Binomial Cube puzzle


Journal Writing

Farm Writing (on Google Classroom)

Farm Work (on Google Classroom)

Farm Animal Language Work (on Google Classroom)

Letter Hh work

Today is Monday by Eric Carle- Tuesday and then it’s spring by Julie Fogliano - Wednesday

I Want To Be A Farmer by Dan Liebman - Thursday


Farm Math


Science Activity - Milking a Cow

Cultural Arts/Geography:

The Year at Maple Hill Farm -Continuing through March, April & May on the farm.

Cultural Sharing can occur any time a child wishes to bring something of cultural meaning to class. For times sake we will limit presentations to two per day with any overflow being done on a subsequent day if needed.

Calendar Work (on Google Classroom)



Cutting Practice


Check out the link on the Alcott School website for great support services for parents from Kristi Bracchitta, Ph. D., Licensed Psychologist. Toileting Regression, Sleep issues, CoVid specific issues...... it’s all there as a resource for you. 


Moving Up Celebration!


Please join us for our Moving up Train Celebration


Location:  Alcott Montessori School (Alcott Parking Lot)

Date: Monday, June 16th

Time: 11:00 am

Rain date: Wednesday, June 17th at 11am