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N E W S  & L E S S O N S  F R O M   M R S.  S C A G N E L L I  & M R S. P A S C A L ’S  C L A S S
Issue October 18 - 29, 2021

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Dear Families,


During the next two weeks the children will be introduced to our Human Anatomy unit. We will start with the discussion about how people may appear different on the outside, but we are all the same on the inside. We had a lesson on the importance of every student being responsible for doing their job in the classroom and compared that to how each organ needs to function properly for a human being to stay healthy. Each child will receive a vest with color coded organs on it followed by a discussion on the role of each organ. We will discuss the following organs and their functions: lungs, heart, liver, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and kidney’s. The children will be responsible for gluing their organs onto their vest and received a tee shirt lab coat and paper head light to perform surgery. We can’t wait to perform Surgery!

The story we read was “Where the Wild Things Are”. The focus of this lesson was to understand about main characters, setting and the plot of the story. After we discussed that Max was the main character of the story. After we discussed that Max was the main character of the story, we created a paper plate replica of Max as a craft. The children enjoyed our lessons these past two weeks.

We started the following academic specials: Music with Ms. Mellissa, Spanish with Ms. Senorita Estelle, and Storytime with Miss. Gina. During music the children had a great time singing and dancing. In Spanish class the students learned the days of the week and counting 1-10. Lastly, the children enjoyed a wonderful story about a bear visiting a library.

On Friday, October 29th we will celebrate Halloween. The children are invited to wear friendly costumes for the day (no weapons) and families are invited to attend the outside parade (weather permitting).


Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Scagnelli, Mrs. Pascal, Ms. Julia and Mrs. Dionisia

Our theme is: Human Anatomy/ Pumpkins


Spooky Pumpkin Collage

Wrap a Mummy with yarn

Spider Head band

Paper Cutting station


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Continuing lake/ Island lesson

Children will make a lake and island out of clay

Lake and island pin pushing

Introduce the continent globe (identifying the 7 continents on the globe)

7 Continent puzzle



Developmental Aim:

-Ability to classify things that go together, Enrichment of Vocabulary,

-Recognition of the difference between vowels and consonants, phonetic building of words, and associating sound with symbol. During Storytime we will be focusing on Characters, Setting, and Conflict.


Object/ Picture Matching

Sandpaper Letters and Objects [m], [t],[c], and [s]

Classification “Go- Togethers”

Vocabulary Enrichment Cards

Moveable Alphabet Presentation

Parts of a Pumpkin Booklet

Lifecycle of a Pumpkin



The Napping House by: Audrey Wood

Room on the Broom by: Julia Donaldson

Bone Soup by: Cambria Evans

Skeleton hiccups by: Margery Cuyler

Where’s My Mummy? by: Carolyn Crims

Creepy Pair of Underwear! by: Aaron Reynolds

Ice Cream Every Time I See a Ghost! by: Luna James

How to Make Friends with a Ghost by: Rebecca Ciren



Developmental Aim:

-One to one correspondence, practice counting, associating numeral with quantity, development toward work with higher numbers, building an equilateral triangle, and preparation for understanding place value.

Counting Pumpkins 1-10

Hang Bead Stair (1-9)

Hang Bead Stair (11-19)

October Calendar

Numerals and Counters

Memory Game

Short Bead Stair Presentation 1

Introduction Tray Presentation 1


Practical Life:

Developmental Aim:

-Developing habits of order, learning to squeeze to using three – finger grasp, concentration, coordination, order, independence, eye hand coordination and classification skills.


The Silence Game


Clamping Clothespin


Dry Pouring 1-1 (1with,1 without handle)

Making a Bracelet

Scrubbing a Pumpkin



Dissecting a Pumpkin

Making a Jack - o - Lantern

3-part cards Learning parts of the human body

Observing our skeleton figure in the classroom

Human Skeleton x- rays

Human Skeleton puzzle

Organ Unit

Children will make an organ vest, we will have “Surgery Day”, children will place organs on their vest and discuss facts about each organ



Developmental Aim:

Visual discrimination of length, development of perception of dimension, development of chromatic sense, and preparation for color gradation.

Long Rods

Knobless Cylinders

Color Tablets - primary colors

Color Tablets - secondary colors + brown

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