N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  L O R R A I N E ' S  C L A S S

Issue: April 26- May 7,  2021


Reminder school is closed Mon 4/26 for Parent/Teacher conferences


Dear Parents,

The children have been enjoying this beautiful Spring weather and learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. We read the book “See How They Grow Butterfly” by Mary Ling. The children did a worksheet that describes the parts of the caterpillar and butterfly. We are excited to have our caterpillars in our room and to be setting up our butterfly hatchery. The children will be able to watch the week-to-week transformation of these amazing insects. We had a visit from dental hygienist, Joanne. We learned all about how to brush our teeth and they received a new toothbrush. We also had a visit from the Greenburg Nature Center. The children really enjoyed learning about Turtles and birds. We continue to use our imagination and travel to far off places, next stop is Australia where we will be learning about the wild animals that live there and interesting facts about the culture and different food and traditions. We also celebrated Earth Day by recycling old water bottles to create planters.

We are looking forward to the parent teacher conferences, please check your email for the Zoom invite!!

All the best,

Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Lillian, and Ms. Patti


Our theme is: Insects



Create a ladybug out of construction paper and pipe cleaner

Caterpillar fun craft with popsicle sticks and colored pom poms

Painting on the large easel/ mixing paints

Bubble painting

Painting a pot with stencils


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Map of Australia

map of your neighborhood

Flag identification

Locating New York on map

Countries is North America



Story picture/ writing

Writing site words in a sentence

Tracing letters and chalkboard letter writing

Letter sound game

Classification cards / animals, fruits, vegetables

Vocabulary cards

Phonetic 3-part cards



Recognition of numerals 1 to 10, 10 to 30, through calendar activities, learning about odd and even numbers

Addition strip board

Counting with correspondence


Practical Life:

Cutting on a line, zig zag line (strengthening fine motor control)

RecognizIng different textures such as smooth, soft, and rough

Buttoning frame

Snapping frame

Tying frame



Butterfly life cycle (tracking the changes the caterpillars are making in their habitat

How rain is made, clouds and the rain cycle

The importance of insects for our eco system



Sound cylinders

Play dough

Recognizing different scents using spice bottles