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N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  L O R R A I N E ' S  C L A S S

Issue: January 4 - January 15, 2021

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Dear Parents,

The children have been enjoying this holiday season with an array of many activities. We created our own elves on shelves, made ornaments for our school tree and have read numerous holiday books, including Red and Lulu by author Matt Tavares. We played fun word association games and practiced writing our upper and lower case letters. We took a walk outside and collected snowballs and used them for a fun food coloring activity. Be sure to go to our classroom corner to see all the photos of your children engaged in activities. Even though we know this is a very different year we want parents to be able to get a glimpse of what the children are doing in the classroom. We will continue to go outside so please send in labeled snow pants and boots for your child in an appropriate storage bag. We will send the snow pants home on Fridays, with napping items, to be laundered. Please remember to return them on Monday so we can continue to go outside in the winter months. Thank you for your cooperation.


Reminder Date for zoom conferences - January 26th

If you cannot make it for some reason please let us know either via email or verbally.


Happy, Healthy New year to everyone!




Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Patti and Ms. Lillian



Our theme is: Winter Wonderland



Learning about impressionist, Monet, creating our own painting based on the same technique

Dot painting, creating a frame


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Exploring regions where people experience cold winter weather

Discussing the types of outdoor activities done in the winter

What kind of clothing is worn?



Phonics, basic letter sounds, vowels, and consonants, sight words, name recognition,

beginning and ending letter sounds



Number chains, sandpaper numbers, cards and counters, bead trays, one through ten objects and the short bead stair


Practical Life:

Grace and courtesy - saying please and thank you, sharing, cleaning up after snack



Exploring how magnets work, climate changes, hibernation of animals



Binomial cube, brown stairs, pink tower, knob-less cylinder and sound cylinders, red rods and sensory boxes

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