N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  L O R R A I N E ' S  C L A S S
Issue: May 24 - June 24th  2021


Reminder - No school on Monday, May 31 as we observe Memorial Day

Save the date: Moving Up celebration Monday June 21st at 3:00pm!


Dear Parents,

It hard to believe that we only have a few more weeks left of the school. The children were so surprised and excited to see all 5 of our caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies in our hatchery. We released them last week, it was quite a sight to see! The children have recently been learning facts about Chinese culture. They are exploring new words in Mandarin.  This is part of our passport around the world lesson.  We recently went on a fun nature walk and collected many items listed on the scavenger hunt list. Also, the children are learning fun facts about our moon. Did you know it takes 27.3 days for the moon to travel all the way around the Earth and complete its orbit?!  We also created a chart that shows the phases of the moon.

Please remember to practice the song lyrics that were sent home for our moving up day!

All the best,  

Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Lillian, and Ms. Patti 



Our theme is: Australia  



Creating a Boomerang from cardboard and temper paint 

Stamping envelopes

Collage making

Fork painting

Using Model Magic


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Identifying Australia in Map

Australian Animal classification  


Flag making lesson



Sentence structure  

Writing last names  

Letter sound game

Bob books / easy reader books   

Vocabulary cards

Phonetic 3-part cards  

Re-telling of a story

Who’s the author and the illustrator of a book

Identifying syllables in words by clapping 




Writing numbers

Identifying odd and even numbers

Counting with correspondence

Multiplication bead board

Square chain, skip counting


Practical Life:

Learning to use chopsticks

Tying a bow

Cutting out shapes

Zipping frame

Hook frame

Pouring into a funnel

Peeling an orange



Air, land, water pollution activities

Life cycle of a chicken

Climate in Australia



Geometric cabinet

Integrating pink tower and brown stair