Ms. Rocafuerte's Class 

Distance Learning Activities : April 13 - April 17


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Practical Life Activities children can try at home:

●     Work on buttoning

●     Practice tying your shoe

●     Scrubbing toys: provide a few plastic toys, a large plastic tub/ bucket for the toys, water, bubble bath/ dishwashing soap, cleaning utensils such as scrub brush, toothbrush, washcloth, sponge, etc.  (develops hand/eye coordination, concentration, fine motor skills)



●     How many sides on each shape?  (download printable)

●     PInk Tower of Cubes Extension work (download printable)

●     Follow the Shape Maze (download printable)



●     Trace Numbers 1 to 100 (digital download)

●     Trace April Calendar (download printable)

●     If you have Dominoes at home, invite your child to count or match the

       amount of dots on the dominoes


Language activities to try at home: 

●     Practice making the letters of the alphabet with play-dough (sound out each letter made)

●     Picture Story - cut out pictures from a magazine.  Keep a few pictures in a basket/ bin with paper, pencil and a glue stick.  Invite your child to select one picture and write their dictation and/or label the picture with their words describing what they see.

●     Hidden Alphabet (download printable)


Science activities to try at home:

●     Plant a seed (use old egg cartons, milk container cut in half, k-cups and a spray bottle)

●     Make binoculars from toilet paper tubes and go bird watching

●     Explore your backyard… do you see any animals?  If so, what are they doing? Make a nature journal, draw and/or write about your discoveries.



●     Forsythia inspired artwork (use yellow tissue paper (crumble it) or paints for the petals, use small branches & glue or draw them with brown crayons, markers or paints)

●     Make Still-Life Portraits: place an object on a table, draw or paint it (objects you may use flowers, a fruit bowl, a plant, etc.)  supplies you may need: crayons/ paint and paper/ canvas

●     Paint with bubble wrap  (cut the bubble wrap into shapes for added interest)