Ms. Rocafuerte's Class 

Distance Learning Activities : April 20 - April 24


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Practical Life:​

●   Earth Swirl Cookies: use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and divide the dough in half.  Dye half the dough blue and the other half green.  Grab a piece of blue dough and add a few small pieces of green.  Blend together and bake according to your recipe.

●   Practice Dry Pouring - the ability to pour from one vessel into another without spilling (develops order, concentration, independence)

●   Recycle and sort plastics and paper (care of the environment)

●   Help clean up the yard (care of the environment)


●   Create a color wheel with objects and toys from home                          

(send me your beautiful creations)                                                                       

primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (orange, green, purple)               

●   Playdoh color mixing (blue+yellow=?, red+yellow=?, red+blue=?)   

●   Listen to “Little Blue and Little Yellow”             


●   My Little Letter Book: a,e,i,o,u (download printable)

●   Listen to read aloud ("I Can Save The Earth")     

●   Listen to read aloud “The Earth Book”    

●   Sing along to the Earth Day song (click the link)


●   Play a game of hopscotch to reinforce counting skills 1-10

●   Simple Addition/ color by number (download printable)                                                                                                                

●   Happy Earth Day! color by number 1-4 (download printable)                    



●   Sort It Out (download printable)  


●   Earth craft: (download printable) color it, paint it, collage it, Q-tip/ fingerprint paint it.  Make it your own!

●   Upcycle - turn your trash into treasure and create something new from recycled items (paper tubes, plastic containers, egg cartons, cardboard, straws, etc.) send me your creations!

●   Paint with toilet paper tubes, bottle caps, stamp circles