Ms. Rocafuerte's Class 

Distance Learning Activities : April 27 - May 1


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Practical Life activities to try at home:

  • Wash plastic cups, dishes, spoons at the sink (care of the environment, develops independence and concentration)

  • Help sort the laundry by colors, whites, darks, etc. (care of the environment, develops order, concentration, independence)

  • Carry a basket of clothes, toys, etc.

  • Practice Walking on the Line (use painters tape indoors or chalk if outside) walk heel to toe, working to keep both feet on the Line at all times.  For a challenge walk with a bean bag on your head and walk heel to toe on the line.

Sensorial activities to try at home:

  • If you have UNO playing cards, shuffle the cards and stack them into a pile. Invite your child to sort out the cards one by one by color, red, blue, yellow, green (develops hand/eye coordination) invite the child to say the color

  • Play the Quiet Game - parents can set a timer and challenge the child to sit in silence. See if they can sit for one, two, five minutes or longer

  • Animal line-up activity with the use of painters tape. Make various lines on your carpet area.  Invite your child to line up their small animals or anything they want such as cars, trucks, stuffies, legos (develops order and concentration)

Math ideas to try at home:

  • Play a Memory game with UNO playing cards. Find 8 or more sets of cards that match in color and number.  Take the cards and mix them up.  Place them face down on a table.  Invite your child to turn over one card of their choice and then another trying to match the color and number on the card. 

  • Practice number sequence with UNO cards: separate out numbers 0-9 in one color.  Invite your child to sequence the cards in the correct ascending order.

  • Play a game of Counting Commands - jump 4 times, collect 3 spoons from the kitchen, wiggle and clap five times, do 10 jumping jacks, etc.

Language activities to try at home:

  • Practice writing letters with chalk on a chalkboard, sidewalk, driveway, etc.

  • Use sticky notes to “label” a room.  If you can’t spell a word, it’s okay.  Do your best to use the sounds you know. 

  • Read a nursery rhyme or a poem with mom or dad.

  • Play I-Spy Game with items in a room of the house or objects outside

Geography activities to try at home:

  • Sing the Continent song to your family.

  • Print the Continent Map (download printable) and color it using the colors on the Montessori Globe: North America (orange) South America (pink) Europe (red) Asia (yellow) Africa (green) Australia (brown) Antarctica (white)

Art ideas to try at home:

  • Practice scissor skills, cut various shapes out of colored paper

  • Try creating a Henry Matisse inspired collage activity

  • Paint cherry blossom prints using the bottom of a water or soda bottle