Mrs. Scagnelli's Class : April


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                                                                  Lesson Plan for  Week of April 20 - April 24

Practical Life: 

Clamping Clothespins: (variations: use different types of plastic clips)

-Learning to squeeze using the three-finger grasp. 

-Develops concentration, coordination, and order   

Sorting: (variations: beads, shells, marbles and macaroni) 

-Develop habitats of order, thumb- finger coordination, eye hand coordination and classification skills.


Triangle Box Extension:

-Developmental Aims: Extended concentration, discrimination of parts

of a whole, recognition of a triangle as part of another shape, and mental rotation of form.



Picture Story: (use magazine pictures)

-An understanding that the printed word is related to oral language, 

 communication, and to communicate using words. 

Picture Matching:

-Visual Perception 

-Vocabulary Enrichment

-To match pictures that are the same

Sounds of the Week:

"b" and "d" we will match each picture to the beginning 

sound (using our composition notebook)

Reading: Why should I Recycle?

by: Mike Gordon



Continuing Numerals and Counters (1-10)

-Reinforcement of numbers

-Numeral Concepts of 1-10

Memory Game (family activity: folded slips of paper 1-10 in a bowl, bowl of 55objects at different location)

-Development of memory for retention of quantities and numerals

-Reinforcing association of quantities with numerals

Decimal Layout Extension:

-Preparation for understanding place value

-Preparation of comprehension of larger numbers

-Learning names of all numerals shown



-Locating South America on the Map

-Animals of South America



-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Activity

-Greenhouse Activity (zip lock bag, 2 beans and 2cotton balls) 

-Recycled Robot (start collecting recycled items for our project by Friday!)

-Earth Day Hat



Mrs. Scagnelli reads "Where The Wild Things Are"