Mrs. Scagnelli's Class : June 22 - 25

Practical Life:

Making Lemonade (you tube video on google classroom)

Lemonade Recipe

*6 lemons

*7 cups water

*1 cup sugar



Sensory Walk (you tube video on google classroom)

Have children explore their sense of touch using their feet.

Place each item into the bins and have children take a sensory walk

Materials Needed:

8 Large Bins, water beads, river rocks, bubble wrap,

Shaving cream, food coloring, sticks, water, and a towel.



Alphabet Post It Match

Write the alphabet letters on the butcher paper and tape it to

a wall. On the post it notes write the letters of the alphabet and have children

match the letters.


Butcher paper, tape, sharpie marker, and post it notes

Sounds of the Week

“r” and “s”

You may continue to finish the packet during the summer



Number Splash Identification Activity

Write 10 circles with chalk and write numbers in random order,

you could do numbers in order if you are just beginning.


Sidewalk chalk, and water balloons

Rock & Roll Addition

Roll the die and add the rocks together


Pebbles, 2 dice, pencil, paper



Underwater Fireworks Experiment (you tube video on google classroom)

Oil and water don’t mix, and food coloring will dissolve in water but not in oil.

As the coloring sinks in the tall glass, it will slowly start to dissolve, and you’ll

Be treated to an underwater fireworks show!  


Water, oil, food coloring, a fork, and a couple of glasses.



Squirt Paint Art

Outdoor activity


Washable tempera paint, squirt bottles, butcher/kraft paper water


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