Mrs. Scagnelli's Class : May


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Practical Life:

Sweeping Crumbles on a Table:

Developmental Aim:

-Order, Concentration, Coordination, Independence

Practical Aim:

-Learning to sweep

-Learning to clean


Watering Plants:

Developmental Aim:

-Order, Coordination, Concentration, Independence

Practical Aim:

-Learning to care for plants


Mirror Polishing:

Developmental Aim:

-Order, Coordination, Concentration, Independence

Practical Aim:

-Learning to Polish



Mystery Bag:

Developmental Aim:

-Development of the stereo gnostic sense (the power to

visualize mentally through sense of touch and sense of depth)

Practical Aim:

-Ability to identify familiar objects


Cloth bag / gift bag containing an assortment of familiar objects from home environment


Fun with Circles:

-Use colored pencils to fill in as many different circles as possible.

-Count the circles on the page.

How many did you find?



Sand Tray:

Developmental Aim:

-Classification, Coordination, Tactile- kinesthetic feedback

For hands and the whole body.

Practical Aim:

-Development for movements necessary for writing/ letter formation


-Shallow rectangular tray (filled with fine material e.g. rice, sand, sugar,

Salt, corn meal etc.) 

Activity Cards:

Developmental Aim:

-To give the child the opportunity to act out the meaning of words.

Sounds of the Week:

“g” and “j”

-Visual recognition of letters

-Match initial sound with picture (use composition notebook)



The Napping House by: Audrey Wood



Red and Blue Number Extension:

Developmental Aim:

-Preparation for associating quantity with symbol of higher numbers

Practical Aim:

-Counting quantities of number 1-10

-Learning names of numbers 1-10

-Learning numbers in sequence

Graphing 11-20:

-Using markers, stickers, and mini stamps

-Let the child fill in the correct number of squares under each number

Addition Tables Booklet #2:

-Practicing the process of Addition

-Reinforce knowledge of symbols

-Becoming familiar with the written number story

Decimal System Beads:

-Preparation for Understanding place value

-Learning names of quantities 1, 10, 100, 1000

Represented by golden bead



How to Make a Volcano?

Learning Objectives:

-Describe a volcanic eruption

-Create a chemical reaction

-Build a Model of a Volcano



Animals of Europe      

-Observe different types of animals

 Countries of Europe

-As child is watching the video practice repeating

each country they hear.



Paul Cezanne

Still Life

-Arrange colorful flowers, fruit, vegetables on a tray

-Setup a few toys as a subject for painting

-Encourage children to investigate and explore a new way

of painting.


*******RIBBON RAINBOW PROJECT***********

You're invited to add a Ribbon to Our Rainbow Ribbon Project to the front playground fence when you are

walking or driving by. It’s a sign of hope and that we’re all connected.  There will be pre cut satin ribbon clearly labeled box by the front door.

Mrs. Scagnelli reads "Where The Wild Things Are"