Mrs. Scagnelli's Class : May 25 - 29


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Practical Life:

Shoe Polishing:

Developmental Aims:

-Order, Coordination, Concentration, Independence

Practical Aim:

-Learning to polish shoes


Developmental Aim:

-Refine fine motor coordination and hand/eye coordination

-Finger control

-Body Awareness

-Care of environment

Practical Aim:

-Ability to fold



Tactile Discrimination (sorting)

Developmental Aims:


-Developmental of the stereo gnostic sense

-Match similar object


-Refinement of touch

Practical Aims:

-Ability to identify different objects through visual and tactile examination


Puzzle Words:

-Developmental Aims:

-To further reading skills

-Memorization skills for sight words

Practical Aim:

-Learning words that cannot be sounded out

Easy Reader: A Cat with a Hat

Sounds of the Week: (“b” and “p”)

-Visual recognition of letters

-To match initial sound with picture

Alphabet Letter Tracing

Reading: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs By: Judi Barrett



Practice phone number:

-Teach children their phone number 

Tracing Numbers 1-20

Montessori Beads (Greater less Than)

-Correctly place the appropriate sign in the square (>, <, and =)



Science Experiment: Tornado in a Bottle

 Season Matching Activity

Worksheet “My favorite Season”



Locating Australia on our Montessori Globe

 Animals of Australia


Wind Sock Craft                       

-Paper windsocks

*******RIBBON RAINBOW PROJECT***********

You're invited to add a Ribbon to Our Rainbow Ribbon Project to the front playground fence when you are

walking or driving by. It’s a sign of hope and that we’re all connected.  There will be pre cut satin ribbon clearly labeled box by the front door.

Mrs. Scagnelli reads "Where The Wild Things Are"