N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  V I C T O R I A ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: November 30 - December 11, 2020


Dear Parents,

Over the last two weeks we introduced the lesson I- Spy to the children. During the I Spy game we focused on the beginning sound of each object. The children exaggerated the beginning sound of each object so the children can develop their auditory perceptual skills. This enables the child to understand that sounds have an order in words and can recognize the difference between vowels and consonants. The children enjoyed the activity so much that they didn’t want to stop playing it. The children were so engaged in the activity that they didn’t want the I Spy Unit to end. This lesson will continue throughout the school year so the children can refine their skills.

The students did the following Thanksgiving activities: they created a turkey potholder by painting their fingers and placing it on the potholder, the children described what they are Thankful for by making their Thanksgiving placemat, and the children use feathers to make their very own Turkey headband. The look on the children’s faces reflected their enjoyment from the activity.


We celebrated two children’s birthdays in the school during the month of November. We make a crown for the birthday child and create a birthday banner. The children march through the halls of the school for a Birthday Parade!

Warm Regards,

Ms. Victoria, Ms. Francine, and Ms. Nancy


Our theme is Holidays Around the World



Holidays Around the World Suitcase

Making our Passports

Canvas Christmas Craft


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Holidays Around the World

Children will explore different types of Holiday traditions that other children experience around the world

The Countries we will visit are: U.S.A. Israel, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Africa



Sand Tray- classification, coordination, tactile- kinesthetic feedback for hands and whole body

Chalkboard- preparation for writing, development of light touch, development of fine motor coordination

Puzzle Words (sight words)-further reading skills, memorization skills for sight words

Sandpaper letter and objects [m], [t]- kinesthetic recognition of letters, match initial sound with object

Word Family activity [at]- children will identify/ build word families

Writing phrases movable alphabet- reading, writing, associating sound and symbol



Counting with dreidels 1-10- practice one to one correspondence, learning concept of numbers

Intro to Addition- growth toward abstraction in the process of addition, practicing the process of addition, learning the names and functions of the signs + and =

Continuing Positive Snake Game Presentation 1- growth toward understanding equivalences, preparation for addition

Decimal Layout- preparation for understanding place value, preparation for comprehension of larger numbers, learning names of all numerals shown


Practical Life:

Gift Wrapping Station -concentration, coordination, order, independence

Pouring water using a funnel- ability to pour from one vessel to another

Mirror Polishing- concentration, coordination, learning to polish

Building a Christmas Tree

Shoe Polishing- order, concentration, independence



Habitat Unit (ocean, forest, grasslands, arctic) children will sort animals according to their


Four mini life like habitats in which the children can explore



Introduction to Bells- refinement of the auditory sense, discrimination of tones

Trinomial Cube-hand eye coordination, awareness of parts as they relate to each other, as well as a whole, extended concentration

Geometric Drawers 1-6 – development of visual and muscular discrimination of place geometric figures, preparation for handwriting (left to right progression, three finger grasp, tracing counter clockwise tracing)


Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home