Ms. Suki's Class : Distance Learning - Lesson Plan 4

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                                                                                        April 27th –May 1st

Theme: Spring: Insects and Farm Animals


Let’s continue learning about insects and farm animals through various activities, books and videos.





-Grating soap

-Orange juice making

-Mirror cleaning with soap water, cotton ball and towel

-Scoop and transfer bowl of rice to ice cube tray using a small spoon



-Reading books related to insects and farm animals

Suggested books are:

Click,Clack,Peep! By Doreen Cronin

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carl

A Perfect Day byLane Smith

-Watch videos

-Encourage child to expand their phrases by providing simple models

-Have conversations on insects and farm animals



-Counting objects 1-10, 10-20

-Matching numbers (concrete objects) with numerals (written symbol) by using homemade number matching cards or using jellybeans, cheerios, or blue berries

may be fun

-Decorating numerals 5-10

-Work on number work sheet (optional)



-Sorting objects by weight (heavy/light)

-Growing bean plant in a jar and observe (please watch the YouTube for reference)


Fine Motor:

-Snipping/cutting using scissors

-Collage with glue

-Coloring with crayons


Gross Motor

-Walk, run, jump, climb

-Balance walking on a line

-Ride a scooter, tricycle or cozy coupe


Sensory Activities:

-Hand washing with soap

-Making moon sand with flour and baby oil (4cups of flour and ½ cup of baby oil) and play with it



-putting shoes on by yourself

-Preparing a set of clothes for the next day

-Putting own clothes on (with some assistance by an adult if necessary)

-Participate in tooth brushing


Social Emotional Skills:

-Using proper words to request and to show appreciation (may I help you, thank you)

-Sharing and taking turns

- Review 3 rules for circle time

"Smile, Pout-Pout Fish" Story
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