Ms. Suki's Class : Distance Learning - Lesson Plan 5

  C i r c l e   T i m e

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                                                                                           May 4 - May 8

Theme: Spring: Mother’s Day


We’ll continue to observe our caterpillars/cocoons grow, but let’s not forget

to learn about mommy and how we can show our appreciation to her.



-Sweeping the floor

-Spreading hummus (or other spreads such as sunflower butter, cream cheese

on a cracker

-Cleaning kitchen table with a damp cloth

-Scoop and transfer bowl of rice to ice cube tray using a small spoon



-Reading books mother and family

Suggested books are:

Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman

The Family Book by Todd Parr

Jump, Fro, Jump! By Robert Kaplan

Pete the Cat Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by James Dean

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carl

-letter writing on a rice tray

-Watch videos

-Encourage child to expand their phrases by providing simple models

-Talk about how he/she can help mommy at home



-Counting objects 1-10, 10-20

-Matching numbers (concrete objects) with numerals (written symbol)

-Number writing on a rice tray

-Work on work sheet (optional)



-Observing how a white flower placed in a jar with food coloring change its color

-Try “Walking Rainbow” Experiment (watch the you tube video for instruction)


Fine Motor:

-Snipping/cutting using scissors

-Coloring and drawing with makers and crayons

-Coffee filter butterfly making (watch the you tube video for instruction)

-Making a Carp for Japanese Children’s Day (instruction will be provided

during Monday circle)

Gross Motor

-Walk, run, jump, climb

-Balance walking on a line

-Ride a scooter, tricycle or cozy coupe


Sensory Activities:

-Hand washing with soap

-Continue playing with moon sand (4cups of flour and ½ cup of baby oil)

-Crushing past in a zip lock bag with a rolling pin


-Putting shoes on by yourself

-Preparing a set of clothes for the next day

-Putting own clothes on (with some assistance by an adult if necessary)

-Help mommy clear up the table after each meal


Social Emotional Skills:

-Using proper words to request and to show appreciation (may I help you, thank you)

-Sharing and taking turns

- Review 3 rules for circle time

You Tubes