N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  S U K I ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: January 19– January 29, 2021


Dear Families:

We are into the second half of January. How are you all doing? Although there are many unprecedented events taking place around us, the toddlers are keeping themselves busy and we are happy keeping our normalcy.

We welcome two new friends (Tilly and Nora) to our class this month, and we are now at full capacity.

As you know, our priority is to keep our friends healthy and safe. We will continue to have as much outdoor activities as we are able to. Please make sure to send your child with proper attire to keep warm while they play outdoors.

The newly added activities such as science experiments, mystery box, and food preparation are well received by our curious and independent friends. We are teaching Peace through stories and role play, to help foster the children’s social interaction skills.

More challenging tasks will be introduced through winter related activities over the next couple of months.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Suki, Jeanne, and Janet


Theme: Winter/Winter Animals/ Groundhog Day



Snowflake making – salty snowflakes, popsicle sticks with beads

Snowman, mitten and hat tracing

Three D collage using Styrofoam and water

Painting at the easel


Books: A variety of winter books


Grace and courtesy:

To acknowledge and express one’s own feelings as well as others

Peace: To learn conflict resolution through story books and modeling



To increase vocabulary and expand phrases/sentences by talking about winter and winter animals

To increase their language usage through their peer interactions

To strengthening comprehension via longer stories

To strengthening responding skills to Y/N and Wh-questions


Recognition of numerals 1-10, 10-20

Understanding one to one correspondence



Recognizing wider range of shapes such as pentagon, octagon, hexagon, and rhombus, and matching/sorting those shapes

Recognizing size differences via activities using knob cylinders

Recognizing variety of colors through mixing colors

Recognizing different sounds via sound guessing games


Practical Life:

Transferring objects between cups, using spoons and tongs

Transferring colored water from one bowl to the other using baster

Placing droplets into small compartments using an eyedropper

Tracing defined shapes with crayons and markers

Snipping and cutting paper strips using scissors

Feeding using utensils

Pouring own drink into a cup from a small pitcher

Working with interlocking puzzles


Sensory Regulation:

To experiment with different textures through various play such as playdough, painting and gluing



“Snowflakes, snowflakes”

“I am a Little Snowman”

“Five Little Snowmen”

“This Little Light of Mine”



Note: Many of previously introduced work will be repeated to allow for exploration and mastery of skills