Ms. Suki's Class : Distance Learning - Lesson Plan 6

  C i r c l e   T i m e

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                                                                                May 11 - May 15

Theme: Feelings


We are going to learn about different  feelings of people and learn how we can be kind to each other. We will also begin to learn about the earth we live on. New area of geography is added.




-Watch video on continents

-Find what belong to “land”, “water”, or “air”


Practical Life:

-Crushing Cheerios to feed the birds

-Sweeping the floor a broom

-Making lemonade

-Scoop and transfer bowl of rice to ice cube tray using a small spoon



-Reading books which talk about different feelings

Suggested books are:

"The Family Book" by Todd Parr

"Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons" by Eric Litwin

"Please Mr. Panda" by Steven Antony

"Should I Share My Ice Cream?" By Mo Willems

-letter writing on a rice tray

-Watch videos

-Encourage child to expand their phrases by providing simple models

-Encourage child to verbally express his/her emotions



-Counting objects 1-10, 10-20

-Matching numbers (concrete objects) with numerals (written symbol)

-Number writing on a rice tray

-Work on work sheet (optional)



-Experiment with jelly beans place on a plate with water

-Observe what happens to marker drawing on a paper towel when it is wet


Fine Motor:

-Snipping/cutting using scissors

-Coloring and drawing with makers and crayons

-Stamping with different vegetables and fruits with paints  


Gross Motor

-Walk, run, jump, climb

-Balance walking on a line

-Ride a scooter, tricycle or cozy coupe


Sensory Activities:

-Hand washing with soap

-Smell different herbs

Crushing pasta in a zip lock bag with a rolling pin



-Putting shoes on by yourself

-Preparing a set of clothes for the next day

-Putting on and taking off own clothes (with some assistance by an adult if necessary)


Social Emotional Skills:

-Using proper words to request and to show appreciation (may I help you, thank you)

-Sharing and taking turns

- Review 3 rules for circle time

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