Ms. Suki's Class : Distance Learning - Lesson Plan 9

  C i r c l e   T i m e

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Theme: Rainforest/Trees/3Rs

We will continue our learning about Rainforests, and trees. We will also learn how we can be kind to our earth by enforcing 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)




-Watch video on continents

-Watch video of 5 Ocean song


Practical Life:

- Pencil sharpening

-Wiping leaves of indoor plants

-Washing plastic toy plates and cups

-Celery/cucumber slicing (with close adult supervision)



-Reading books on nature and different habitats

Suggested books are:

The Family Book by Todd Parr

My River by Shari Halpern

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin

Goodnight Lulu byPaulette Bogan

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

My Dad by Debbie Bailey

-Letter tracing on a paper

-Watch videos

-Have more simple question/answer exchanges



-Counting objects 1-10, 10-20

-Matching numbers (concrete objects) with numerals (written symbol)

-Number tracing on a paper

-Work on work sheet (optional)



-Water Cycle experiment (please look at you tube video for reference)

-Ice cream making experiment (please watch the you tube video for reference)

-Surface tension experiments: 1. how many drops of dye water can stay on a penny)

2. watch pepper on a plate of water when it is touched by finger with a drop of dishwasher detergent

Fine Motor:

-Snipping/cutting using scissors

-Coloring and drawing with makers and crayons

-Ice painting

-Drawing with chalks


Gross Motor

-Walk, run, jump, climb

-Throw and catch a stationary ball

-Ride a scooter, tricycle or crazy coupe


Sensory Activities:

-Water table with toys

-Find toy bugs and animals hidden in a play dough



-Putting shoes on by yourself

-Putting on and taking off own clothes (with some assistance by an adult if necessary)

-Helping with table setting


Social Emotional Skills:

-Using proper words to request and to show appreciation (may I help you, thank you)

-Sharing and taking turns

- Review 3 rules for circle time

-Express own feeling using words

You Tubes
Miss Suki reads:
"The Family Book"