N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M I S S  V A L E R I E' S  C L A S S

N o v e m b e r  1 - 30,  2 0 2 1 

November is a busy month. We will be focusing on the North American continent and talking about Thanksgiving. We will also focus on how the holiday is a time to be thankful and grateful for all we have. We will collect leaves from outside for leaf rubbing! The children will learn the parts of a leaf and the names of different leaves.


We learn all about diversity- people may look different and that’s okay- we should all be accepted. Many different holidays are celebrated all over the world. We would love to learn about your cultures! I know parents are not allowed in the classroom but we would love for you all to be included. If anyone has a holiday they wish to teach the students (and teachers) more about, you are more than welcome to send in a story book or a special art project that the children can do!


Our Parent - Teacher Conferences will be virtual on Friday, November 19th. Parents should call Donna in the front office to sign up, 914-472-4404. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any specific topics you would like to discuss. Please make sure your child is not in the same room as you during your conference as these are adult meetings. We look forward to “seeing” you then and sharing information.


School will be closed on the following days in November:

Nov 2: Staff Professional Development Day

Nov 11: Veteran’s Day

Nov 19: Parent - Teacher Conferences

Nov 24 - 26: Thanksgiving Recess

Our theme is: Leaves and Thanksgiving!


Art: The children could stay in art all day long if they had the chance to. In art, children are doing big work with their little hands! They are balling up tissue to make a pumpkin. Not only is this aiding in their fine motor skills but also aiding in their focus/concentration/attention span. After collecting leaves from outside, children will make leaf rubbing art. We will make turkeys and fall trees by getting our hands a little dirty (with paint)!


Cultural Arts/Geography: Children will continue to learn the names of the continents. We are singing the continent song! We are learning land/water/air. Children are categorizing animals by where they live (on land/ in water/ or in the sky). We are also learning about the different animals on the different continents. We started talking about the different people from the community because the fire department came on October 21st.


Language: Children are continuing to explore language through puzzles and matching work. They are figuring out what objects go together and why. Children are beginning to explore different sounds and discriminate between sounds. We started playing a game in which hints about an animal are given and the children have to guess what it is. It’s not only animals- sometimes hints can be about a supermarket! They really enjoy this game. This game promotes language!


Math: Math is very visual and very hands-on. It is so important that the children follow the correct order in this area before moving on to the next lesson. Many friends are still learning numbers 1-10. This is a big work to associate the symbol to the quality. The children have to have the contention to lay out all 55 pumpkins! The children are so proud of themselves! We are also working on the number rods, bead stair and number puzzles. Some friends are working on the teen board. The 1-9 bead stair can also be found in the teen board which is why it is so important to follow the specific order of the materials and that a student can complete a lesson independently before moving on to the next lesson.


Practical Life: The children are learning to care for their environment! They are sweeping the table and floor if they make any spills. This is so important in their independence. They are learning that they are responsible if they drop any food. With the cold weather ahead, the children are learning to put their jackets on and zip or button up!


Science: In addition to learning about leaves, we are learning about seeds. We are matching which seed comes from which plant.


Sensorial: Sensorial materials allow the students to explore using their visual sense. Most of the materials require a lot of movement. We are also learning the Color Tablets- Primary and Secondary Colors and coloring mixing. We are exploring with geometric solids.