Ms. Kaltrina & Ms. Diane's Class : January 2020


Dear Parents,


Thank you all for being part of our Sing-a-long and Gingerbread House decorating. The children had so much fun and enjoyed celebrating the holidays with their families and friends.


This month our students enjoyed learning about different holidays. We read holidays stories, made crafts about holidays and listen to fun holiday songs.



This month we focused on the letter sounds. We introduced a few letters/sounds at a time to the students. The way we start is by introducing consonant and short vowel sounds because that is what you need to know in order to form beginning reading. When beginning to read we introduce 3 and 4 letter words (consonant, short vowel, consonant). We started reading some age appropriate first level books. We also worked on the writing skills, by practicing tracing of letters as well as tracing and writing of their names. We are so proud of their hard work in both reading and writing.



In math, we spent the month on introducing numbers and numerals 1-10, counting up to 10 and writing the numerals 1-10. The students worked on matching the quantity with the symbol and comparing the numbers. We are closing the month with an introduction to addition, which we will continue in January.


Science, Social Studies and Peace Education

In social studies, we discussed the different holidays and traditions. In science, we spoke about Evergreen trees and pine cones. We conducted the experiment: Why do pine cones open and close?


In Peace Education, we introduced the students to the peace table. We discussed the topic of peace, kindness, mindfulness and what does that mean to the children? We read books such as: "I am Peace a Book of Mindfulness," and the book "Have You Filled the Bucket Today?" What does filling the bucket mean, how can we be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper, how can we be kind with each other and how does this make us feel? This are some topics we discussed and we will continue reinforcing and practice filling each other’s bucket with kind words and kind actions. We also introduced the “Jar of Kindness” and during this past month we practiced and we were focused on appreciating and acknowledging our friends’ acts of kindness. This way we will establish a peaceful world around us. To coincide with our peace topic we sang songs like “Light a Candle for Peace”. We worked on completing our classrooms peace agreement. The students worked as a team, on placing their hand prints around the globe, as a promise of being kind, thoughtful and peaceful with each other and with the world around them.


Along with the Peace Education curriculum we are focused on implementing in our classroom the PBIS program. The PBIS program is and will continue to be incorporated into our daily classroom Montessori activities. The basic idea of PBIS is that positive behavior is taught through modeling, reinforcing and recognizing the positive behavior, rather that drawing attention to inappropriate behavior and giving children strategies for resolving conflicts that arise.


Dates to remember:

January 6th- Coat Drive Begins

January 8th- Visit from Dental Hygienist

January 15th- Picture Day

January 17th- Coat Drive ends

January 20th-School Closed, Marin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 27th-31st- Spirit Week:

Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Crazy Hat Day

Wednesday – Crazy Sock Day

Thursday- Animal Day

Friday- Red Day


Please remember that we go out in all seasons, even in the winter. We ask that in order for your child to have fun outside, they must have boots, winter jacket, hat, mittens, and a scarf. All items must be labeled with their first and last names in order to avoid confusion and upset.


Teachers’ corner: We hope all the families had a wonderful holiday season and a relaxing winter break.


Happy New Year,


Mrs. Kaltrina, Ms. Diane, Ms Ruby and Ms. Sandy