Ms. Kaltrina & Ms. Diane's Class : March 2020


Dear Parents,


February Events:

February was filled with many fun and interesting events and activities in our classroom.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day and we continued to learn about the continent of North America. We read several books to celebrate and learn about these events. The children did many different activities and art projects to celebrate Valentine’s Day.



In language, we are continuing with our phonics program. This month, we are focusing on letter sounds and how to properly write the letters. Please continue to practice this at home to help your child master them. The children also continued to build their reading skills by learning new blends and CVC words.



Throughout the month, the students learned about numbers 1-100. We did count and continue to count everyday how many days of school we are in so far and how many days of school we have left to hit 100. The children are very excited to celebrate the 100th day of school next week. Subtraction is a new concept introduced to the children. They are working with the “Subtraction Strip Board” and practicing writing the equations on the paper. The children also continue to practiced addition through different Montessori activities like “Addition with the Bead Stairs,” “Addition with Domino Cards,” and “Facts of 10”, adding with the red and blue strip board” to find out all the combinations of 10.

Science, Social Studies and Peace Education

The month of February was filled with many holidays. We learned, read books and discussed about Valentine’s Day, President Day and Dr. Martin Luther King. We learned about the first president of United States George Washington. Through different Montessori activities, like Nomenclature Cards and Matching the Objects with the Pictures the children were able to practice and learn about different monuments and American landmarks.

In Peace Education, we continue to practice our classroom activities like: the Buddha Board and the Peace Rose to solve conflicts. Also, we added a Yoga curriculum as a part of the Peace and Relaxing curriculum. Each week we are introducing to the children a new Yoga Pose, We are practicing meditation and breathing techniques. The children will have access to the yoga curriculum/booklet at anytime they want to take it out and practice different yoga poses.

Teacher’s Corner

Throughout the first few weeks of March we are excited to celebrate Read Across America and we will learn about Dr. Seuss and read many of his books. We also look forward to getting ready for spring and warm weather.

Dates to remember:

Wednesday, 3/11- Staff Day – School Closed

Monday, 3/23- Friday, 3/27 – Book Fair

Tuesday, 3/24- Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character

Friday 3/27 – Acting Out with Ms. Karen


Warm Regards,

Mrs. Kaltrina, Ms. Diane, Ms. Ruby and Ms. Tracy