Ms. Kaltrina & Ms. Diane's Class : October

October Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the beginning of the school year. We have successfully completed the first month. In September, we have supported the children in a gradual process of developing trust in the classroom environment, as well as trust in teachers and friends, experiencing both transitional and Montessori materials, receiving lessons and becoming familiar with our ground rules. In order for our classroom to run smoothly the children are learning the boundaries of the classroom in order for everyone to have freedom of choice while remaining aware of respect for the environment and each other. During our circle times, the teachers have been demonstrating: use of a soft voice, walking, raising your hand, walking around a mat, choosing one activity at a time, cleaning up after ourselves, returning the activity to the shelf, using our words to settle conflicts, and much more. Not only are the children taking care of the environment but they are also taking care of the classroom fish. One of our focuses this year is the continuation of the PBIS movement (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support). PBIS is about helping children to grow in their social/emotional development. It provides them with strategies in how to interact in society as children and prepares them as they grow into their teenage years and adulthood. Our Montessori philosophy is a natural fit with PBIS because we believe and know that starting at an early age sets this foundation for life. You will learn more about PBIS with each monthly newsletter, 

In September, we introduced children to the sensorial area in regard to their visual sense. The sensorial area enhances their eye-hand coordination, balance, order and concentration as well as concepts such concepts of: size, , color, textures, shapes, gradation, similarities, and differences. This is accomplished with the pink tower, brown stair, long rods, knobbed cylinders, color boxes just to name a few. In practical life, the children have been practicing activities such as but not limited to: stringing beads, tonging, spooning, pouring, lacing, zippering, and serving themselves snack. Practical life and sensorial set the foundation for the rest of the areas in the classroom. Practical life is a good bridge between home and school because it helps children to develop independence in both places. Here are some examples you can incorporate at home: encourage children to pour their own drink from a small pitcher, spoon out the food at meal time onto their plate, hang their coat on a low hook, put their soiled clothes in the hamper, put on their jacket by laying it on the floor inside out and putting their hands into the sleeves and over their head. The more they can do for themselves the more you will see a growth in the self worth.

In the language area, children are learning big vocabulary words. Children are in their sensitive period for language. New words are constantly becoming a part of their world.  Along with building their vocabulary with new words, the children are learning the names and sounds of letters: consonant and short vowel sounds. The material we use to do this are the sandpaper letters. We concentrate on the sounds because that is what children need to learn in order to make short words as they learn to read.  

In coming weeks, we will work on other activities in the other senses: auditory, taste, and touch. We will also show children more practical life exercises: plant watering, flower arranging, pumpkin washing, food activities, etc.

It is October, we are full of joy and happiness. There are lots of exciting activities waiting for us. We will learn about the fall season: weather, the colors of the leaves and the reason they change color, foods, activities, holidays, animals, trees along with books and songs.

Please note, send in one family photo for our family chart.

Please help your child to wash their hands and use the toilet before entering the class.

Calendar Reminder for Parents

-School is closed-Oct. 9, Oct. 14

-Family Fall Harvest Festival, Oct. 19 from 10:00-2:00

-Wear Pink to School Day: October 23

-Halloween Parade: Friday, October 25

-Rain Date Only – Halloween Parade, Oct. 30

Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact with Diane or Farha with any questions.  914-472-4404



Farha, Diane, Ruby, Sandy