Mrs. Grande's Class : February


Curriculum Schedule for the week of February 24th – March 6th, 2020


Practical Life:

Sifting salt and rice

Rolling a napkin and using napkin ring

Table setting



Large Hexagonal Box

Sensory concept: shiny/dull Pink Tower extension cards



Sandpaper letter/objects [T t]

Story telling (child tells a story about a picture)

Dinosaur adjective list (big, tall, heavy, scary, etc.)

Quill writing (we’re going to make natural ink out of beets & berries)




Counting using dinosaur stamps

Learning the value of a 1 dollar bill, a 5 dollar bill, penny, nickel, dime, and a quarter

Coin stamping

Patterning (making simple patterns using 2 piece puzzle)




Learn about “extinction” and the different theories on what caused the extinction of dinosaurs

Dinosaur bones/dig like a “Paleontologist” using a small spoon, brush, shovel, and magnifying glass

Learn about the difference between herbivores and carnivores


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Africa on the globe

Punch outs of Africa

Africa – Montessori puzzle

African animals

Shape of Africa using green sand

Log cabin using popsicle sticks

Mardi Gras



Rubbing dinosaur stencils

Quill drawing

Dinosaur stencil (tracing and rubbing)


Music with Ms. Jill

Yoga with Ms. Alex

Nature with Nature of Things

Dentist hygienist visits Alcott Monday, Feb 24th

Talk about 100 days of school with Mrs. Smajlaj (Cristiano”s mom)