Mrs. Grande's Class : January


Curriculum Schedule for the week of January 20th – 31st, 2020

Practical Life:

Transferring with chopsticks

Matching gloves

Practice - how to put gloves on

Squeezing tangerines



Trinomial Cube

Sensory concept (rigid/flexible)

4th drawer of Geometric Cabinet (6 rectangles arranged in order of size)

Tangram (Chinese puzzle)



4 letter words on the Step board

Simple words on learning locks (when the words and the pictures match the lock opens)

Letter Sound of the week [s]



Chinese numbers (calligraphy)

Snowflake symmetry (most snowflakes are symmetrical) What does that mean?

Introduction of Addition Board


Animal habitat cards

Sequencing/things that melt in the heat


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Make a special project on the bulletin board for Martin Luther King

Asia on the globe

Asia punch outs

Chinese New Year

Chinese flag

Chinese calligraphy

We will be looking at animals that live in Asia



Chinese lantern

Paper sculpture



Music with Ms. Jill

Yoga with Ms. Alex

Art with Mrs. Patel

Chinese New Year celebration

Reminder: No School Monday, January 20th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Picture Day for our class is Wednesday, January 29th