Mrs. Grande's Class : March

Curriculum Schedule for the week of March 9th - 20th, 2020


Practical Life:

Squeezing a sponge using a garlic press

Sewing pipe cleaners into a colander

Stringing rainbow beads on pipe cleaners

Cutting strands of beads


Dinosaur sorting

Sorting hard and soft objects

Sorting small, medium, and large pom-poms


Movable Alphabet

Twist and turn

Dinosaur matching cards

Dinosaur classification cards

Metal Inset extension (filling in the insets with lines)

Shamrock word matching


Pattern printing (print with objects like Legos, blocks, corks, etc. to create repeating pattern)

Dinosaur number book

March calendar

Shamrock counting book

Matching Sand Paper numbers with Bead Stairs


Make fossils

Dinosaur x-rays

Living/not living classification

What is a volcano?

We are going to make our volcano erupt

Spring equinox

Cultural Arts/Geography:

Montessori map of Europe

Punch-outs of Europe

Island Landform

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb

Ireland on the world map

Irish flag


Mix yellow and blue to make green

Paint a shamrock

Paint and tape work

Make coiled snakes


Music with Ms. Jill

Yoga with Ms. Alex

Art with Mrs. Patel (3/18)

St. Patrick’s Day with the Mattern family


Reminder: No school on Wednesday, March 11th. Professional Development day for staff

No school on Friday, March 20th. Parent teacher conferences,

Beach day March 27th, wear your favorite beach t-shirt.