Mrs. Grande's Class : November


Mrs. Grande’s Curriculum Schedule for November 11th - 26th, 2019


Practical Life:

We will begin using water for our pouring and transferring activities

Transferring with a baster

Transferring with a funnel

How to properly blow our nose

Tweezing/kernels from Indian corn

Making cranberry sauce and butter for our Thanksgiving feast

Dressing Frame (buttons)

Learn how to set a table


Sound Cylinders (shake the cylinders to hear each unique sound and find its match)

Geometric Cabinet 2nd drawer (different kinds of triangles)

Color Tablets #3 (arrange the color tablets in gradation beginning with the lightest or the darkest)

Grading pumpkins


Sound of the week [T, t]

Life cycle of a pumpkin

Learn parts of a turkey

“The story of Thanksgiving” booklet

We will talk about what we’re thankful for and then make a quilt for our bulletin board

Matching alphabet uppercase to lowercase on a magnetic board


Number Stepboard (trace numbers 1-25 on an imprinted board)

Bead Stair stamping

Hanger for Beadstair (1-10)

Montessori Teen Board with Teen Beads


Create a human skeleton using spaghetti

X-rays/picture cards of animals and humans

Talk about habitats (humans and animals need homes)

Experiment:  sink and float using popped and un-popped kernels

Cultural Arts/Geography:

North America puzzle map

Talk about Native Americans

Sand painting to make Native American designs

We will talk about families (countries where we come from cultures, traditions, food, etc.)


Tear art pumpkin

Bubble wrap painting


Yoga with Miss Sallie

Music with Miss Jill

Thanksgiving Feast 

School is closed on Monday Nov. 11th for Veteran’s Day and Friday, Nov. 22nd for Parent/Teacher Conferences

School is closed on Wednesday Nov 27th thru Friday, Nov.29th for Thanksgiving.