Mrs. Grande's Class : October 2019


Mrs. Grande’s Curriculum Schedule for October 28th – November 8th, 2019


Practical Life:

Halloween breakfast

Spooning, pouring and transferring into smaller containers

Transferring rice with funnel

Punch-outs/ghosts and bats



3D leaf puzzle

Red Rods

Geometric Solids:  Sphere, Ellipse, Ovoid

Carving our pumpkin (Look what’s inside, smell/touch, and collect the seeds)



Sound of the week [i] and [l]

Read “The Legend of Spookley, the Square Pumpkin” by Author Joe Troiano

Make a special project for our bulletin board

Sequence story- How to grow a pumpkin



Presentation Tray and learn the name of -one unit, 10-ten bar, 100- hundred square, 

1000-thousand cube

Halloween games:  counting bats and ghosts



Continuing learning about our “body”

We will be talking about how are skin covers and protects my whole body

Making self-portraits using circles, oval and multicultural crayons

Experiment/dancing worms using gummy worms, baking soda, vinegar, and water


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Jig saw map of the world

North America

Talk about Native Americans

Animals that live in North America



Mixing red and blue to make purple

Using purple shimmering paint for our bat

Halloween project for sensory gym (Monster cut-outs using puffy paint)


Yoga with Miss Sallie

Music with Miss Jill

Sensory Gym October 30th 

Halloween Parade October 31st 

Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 4 – 12

Staff Day-No school Tuesday, Nov. 5th