Mrs. Grande's Class : September 2019


Mrs. Grande’s Curriculum Schedule for September 30th – October 11, 2019


As a class we will make our own classroom rules.  A classroom needs rules in order to be a peaceful place, a safe place and a happy place. (How to sit at circle, hands in our space, raising our hand, walking around a rug, cleaning up, inside voices, walk or observing without disturbing others).  

Read “Our Peaceful Classroom” by Author Aline Wolf


Practical Life:

Spooning and pouring beans

Transferring with a large tong

Stringing beads to make a bracelet



Geometric Presentation Tray (triangle, circle, square)

1st drawer of our Geometric Cabinet (6 different sizes of circles)

“A circle doesn’t have a beginning or an end”



How to use name cards

Name tracing

Circle Inset



Spindle Box

Counter game for odd and even numbers

Apple graphing/tasting and choosing our favorite kind of apples



Talk about fall

What animals and plants do in the fall?

Science Experiment: “The brown apple project” (how different liquids affect apple slices)


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Rosh Hashanah with Hannah’s grandmother 

We are going to taste apples with honey and Challah bread

Read a book about Johnny Appleseed

Sandpaper Globe sensory impression of land and water



Cutting circles 

Use circles to make art projects like famous artist Wassily Kandinsky

How to use paint


REMINDER: No School Monday, Sept, 30th and Tuesday, Oct 1st-Rosh Hashanah