Mrs. Grande's Class : September 2019


Issue September 21 – October 2, 2020

Dear Parents,

Mrs. Wiener and I would like to welcome you and your child to the Alcott School. We hope to make this a fabulous and productive year. We will be working on many different projects which will not only be educational but also fun for the children

Thanks to Mrs. Wiener, Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Baid, our first two weeks were a great success. The children have done a great job of getting to know one another and learning our daily routine, and procedures. The children will help create "Our Classroom Rules." We will continue to review them in order to be a peaceful, safe and happy environment.

May this year be a wonderful year for us all!


Our theme is: Introductory Lessons

Learning about " My space" , keep safe distancing, using inside voices while in the building, walking feet, taking turns, cleaning up after ourselves, raising a hand, using working mats on the the floor(how to roll and put them away), making "straight" and "curved" lines and learning about a "circle," having no beginning and no end.


Tracing, Cutting, Pasting circles

Wassiy Kandinsky a Russian-born artist used circles to make famous art work


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Community puzzles


Introduction of Metal Insets: Ten Geometrical flat metal squares, in each of the squares is a shape cut-out. Working with insets prepares the child for handwriting and for pencil control.


We will start with circle inset to trace onto paper of the same size

Name tracing



Sandpaper Numerals. The numerals 0 to 9 are ct out in fine sandpaper and mounted on separate green boards. The child feels the numerals and says the names. The purpose is to learn the name of the written symbols.

Bears on a line: Cut straight line on a strip of felt and place bears on the felt line.

Count by ones up to 10


Practical Life: These exercises develop of movement concentration and coordination

Spooning and pouring beans

Washing hands

Carrying a tray

Pushing chairs in and out when doing work on a table



Fall and the Autumnal Equinox

What do people, animals and plants do in Fall?


Sensorial: activities aim to develop visual and muscular perception of dimensions and awareness of dimensions

Pink Tower: is made of 10 pink wooden cube varying in size from 1 cm.cubed to 10 cm.cubed

Pink Tower Extension cards: Matching Pink Tower cubes with Pink Tower cards

Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home!