Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class

 April 6 - April 10

A great big hello and virtual hug to all of our classroom families!  We have missed you so much over the last few weeks. It has been a time of unimaginable change for all of us. As stressful and overwhelming for adults as the pandemic has been, our children are feeling the effects as well.


At the heart of the Montessori curriculum is PEACE!  Maria Montessori while living through World War 2 and the dictatorship of Mussolini felt strongly that peace would come through the child.  “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” Peace (Internal/ Self-Peace, Peace in our families, as well as Peace in our communities and world)  has always been my personal focus throughout the year as I work with your children.  During these challenging times Alcott would love to help bring a sense of normalcy and peace to the children by having each class set up a virtual method of working with their children. Mrs. Pascal and I are very excited to be able to officially work with you all as of Monday, April 6th. 


How will that look?  What form will it take?  The answer to those questions are dependent upon what we all can and cannot do based upon digital tools  available in each home, as well as personal preferences.  Hence, each classroom’s virtual interactions will be different.  Even within the same classroom there may be differences.  Some families will choose to greet and meet via the platform Zoom.  Other families may choose not to take the risk of accessing that forum. Each family must decide for themselves what type of access they feel comfortable with. 


So, let’s get down to brass tacks and nails as they say.  Mrs. Pascal and myself have been planning what our class interaction should look like.  Please realize that our framework listed below is a starting point. Some areas can be enhanced as we move forward.  Some areas may need to be rolled back.  We welcome and absolutely need your feed back so that week to week as we go forward we address the needs of our beloved class.



Both of us feel comfortable with providing class Zoom contacts for the purpose of seeing, connecting and interacting with the children. We know that these scheduled virtual meetups may not work for every family due to work and sibling schooling from home commitments. Our Zoom meetings will consist of circle time calendar, weather and a story. We will also begin a study of butterflies.  


Classroom Corners:

We will post worksheets, videos of work and links to relevant content


I will be printing and mailing some Montessori butterfly life cycle workbooks to each child


Next Steps:

 - Linda and I will be reaching out to you all by the end of this week to touch base and make sure that the contact information we have is accurate. I will schedule Montessori conferences with the eight families that have not had their second conference yet due to the closure.

 - Come Monday our plan is to initiate our first Zoom interaction. Content including a lesson plan for the week and a general overview of April should be available on Alcott’s website.

 - Please shoot me an email that indicates that you give permission for your child (and potentially siblings in camera view) to be a part of this Alcott Distance Learning Process.

 - Please email me if you have not received a phone call by Friday, April 3rd.

 - Feedback... Please, please, please keep the communication doors open.  We want our content to be relevant and your children to be successful.

Peace & Blessings,

Fredricka Hreyo and Linda Pascal